My Dynalist is having trouble syncing to the server

Rarely, when something goes wrong, Dynalist can get stuck in a state where it fails to sync to the server when used in your browser. The symptoms are:

  • When you try to refresh or close the tab, a pop-up dialog appears and warns you that "The changes you made may not be saved".
  • The sync status at the top right corner is stuck at "Sync now", rather than "Synced".

When this happens, you may lose data if you close or refresh the tab without saving the content first. Please refrain from using the "Make backup" option in the main menu, as that makes a backup for what's store in our server, which does not include the latest change you've made that didn't sync over.

The surest way to prevent data loss, in this case, is to hover over the document title of the document that you've worked on, click on the menu icon, and choose "Export...". Then, choose the "Download OPML file" option, which preserves all Dynalist attributes like checked states and color labels.

After saving the OPML file(s), you can reload the page. If you experience any data loss after the reload, you can copy paste over the content of the OPML file you just downloaded to recover the data.

We recommend people who frequently work offline or on an unstable internet connection to use our desktop apps. The desktop app saves a copy of your data locally, so you don't lose any data when you lose internet connection.

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