Daily auto backup

Dynalist Pro users can set up their Dropbox and/or Google Drive for daily automatic backups. The backup happens around midnight Eastern time.


You can set up your Dropbox or Google Drive account by clicking on the "Link" option and follow the instructions:

How backing up works

For Dropbox, the backups live in Dropbox/Apps/Dynalist/backups. Every day, two new files appear in that folder: "dynalist-backup-opml-[date].zip" and "dynalist-backup-txt-[date].zip". The first one contains all the OPML files, in the same structure as to how your Dynalist documents are organized. The second one is similar but in plain text format.

For Google Drive, the backups live in Google Drive/Dynalist/backups. The backup formats are the same as with Dropbox.

If Dynalist fails to make backups because your Dropbox or Google Drive doesn't have enough space, we'll send an email to let you know.

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