Search operators reference

Here are the search operators you can use to refine your search:
(Note: these operators only work for the document search and Search Everywhere. They do not work in Item Mover, Item Finder, or Internal Link.)
What you can search by Search operator & example
Search for an exact word or phrase " "
Example:  "apple pie"
Exclude items -
Example:  apple -is:checklist
Items that match either term OR
Example:  apple OR pie
Checked off items is:completed
Items with checkbox has:checkbox
Heading items is:heading
Items that contain non-empty note has:note
Items that contain dates has:date
Items that have color labels applied has:color
Items with at least one child item has:children
Items edited within a date range edited:DATE*
Items created within a date range created:DATE*
Dates that are within some time from right now within:DATE*
Dates from some time in the past since:DATE*
Dates until some time in the future until:DATE*
Items with a certain color label color:
Example:  color:red
Items with a certain heading level heading:
Example:  heading:2
Items whose direct parent (one level above) contains the keyword parent:
Example:  parent:apple
Items whose ancestors (at any level) contain the keyword ancestor:
Example:  ancestor:apple
Items that contain the keyword in their titles in:title
Example:  in:title apple trees
Items that contain the keyword in their notes in:note
Example:  in:note apple trees

* Here "DATE" refers to a shortcut in Dynalist to represent relative date ranges. Here's the exact syntax:

Syntax Meaning


In the past

For example, "-1w" means a week in the past, whereas "3d" means 3 days later in the future.

Here's a visual demonstration by David Sayer:

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