What's in Dynalist Pro?

By upgrading to Dynalist Pro, you can unlock the following features.

Google Calendar integration

Dynalist Pro gives you the ability to sync the dates in Dynalist to your Google Calendar.

To do so, first go to Settings and switch to the “Dynalist Pro” tab. In the “Google Calendar integration” section, there’s a button to link your Google Calendar account.

After it’s successfully linked, there are two more things to set up in order for the sync to start working:

  1. Choose a calendar to sync to. Go to the same “Google Calendar integration” section under the "Dynalist Pro" tab in Settings and choose “Choose calendar to sync to”. A list of your calendars will be fetched and displayed in a dropdown menu. Simply choose the one you want to sync dates to.
  2. Right click on the documents whose dates you want to sync, and choose “Turn on Google Calendar sync”.

After the above steps, Dynalist will start syncing the dates in these selected documents in the background to your Google Calendar.

Note: the sync happens in the background every minute, and it takes some time to process the events and send them over to Google. If you refresh your Google Calendar right after you add a date, it’s normal that it doesn’t show up right away. Do let us know if it still doesn’t show up after 10 minutes or so (make sure the document is synced though!).

Capture to inbox

Pro users can instantly capture stuff into their inbox item from anywhere in Dynalist. See  here for how. 

Unlimited bookmarks

Free account comes with 5 bookmarks; by upgrading you get unlimited bookmarks. Click  here to see how bookmarks can help you.

Tag pane

Tag pane allows you to see all the tags in the current document and across all documents. The count of each tag will also appear in it.

You can rename tags in a document by right clicking on it and select "Rename".

File attachments

Pro users can upload 1 GB of files that are each at most 50 MB in size every month. You can either upload from your hard drive or from your clipboard.

Version history

For each document, you can see past version history for up to one year. See  here for how to use version history.

Automatic daily backup

Pro users can link their Dropbox and Google Drive account, and every day a full backup will be sent to it. To link your Dropbox or Google Drive, open Settings and go to the “Dynalist Pro” tab.

Item finder

Invoked with Ctrl+Shift+O, you can use this search dialogue to jump to any item in your Dynalist by entering a keyboard search. You can do this entirely on your keyboard.

Custom shortcuts

Pro users can customize keyboard shortcuts to better suit their workflow. See  here for how.

Custom CSS

Pro users can add custom CSS that will work on all clients.

Custom date format

Pro users can set a custom format that their dates appear in. Refer   here for the exact syntax.

Priority support

We answer feedback and requests from Pro users first to thank you for the generous support.

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