Add custom CSS

Pro users can use custom CSS to alter the appearance of their Dynalist. Unlike the Stylish plugin, this method works on all platforms (the web app, the desktop app, and the mobile app).

How to add

First, compile a list of your desired CSS rules. We recommend creating a local file with ".css" suffix to store it, that way you can edit it more easily a modern editor like Sublime Text and Atom. They usually come with built-in indentation and syntax highlighting for editing CSS.

Next, copy and paste your CSS rules into the textbox in "Settings"- "Dynalist Pro"- "Custom CSS".

Getting inspirations

You can get inspirations from the user styles on the Stylish site.

If you're copying these styles in full, please note that you need to remove the @-moz-document domain("") prefix along with the pair of brackets that follows it, otherwise it won't work.

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