Recurring dates

Recurring dates are for managing your repeating tasks like going to a barber, seeing your dentist, doing tax, etc. Please note that it's a Pro-only feature.

Insert recurring dates

Recurring options are available right in the date picker. To open the date picker, type ! anywhere in an item.

In this dropdown, you can choose a few common repeating pattern, in addition to customize the recurrence pattern.

Customizing recurring date

To create a custom recurring date, choose the "Custom..." option in the dropdown.

You can now set your own repeating pattern. For example, we might want to check my mail every 5 days like so:

If you choose "Week", you'll also get the option to choose which day the event will repeat on. For example, here we're choosing on Tuesdays and Thursdays:

Checking off recurring dates

By default, checking off a recurring date will generate the next occurrence as a new item, right underneath the original item. So if we check off this item:

This will happen:

Note that all the children item of the original item will be moved under the new instance.

Alternatively, you can change this behavior in the Settings - Preferences - Date section:

The "Existing item gets updated" option will update the existing item to the next occurrence, rather than creating a new item.

The "From completion" option

Sometimes for certain tasks, you may want it to repeat from the time you complete the task, not when it's due.

For example, let's say you try to get a haircut every 30 days. If you miss a haircut by 10 days, it doesn't mean the next one is due in 20 days; you still want to get the next haircut after 30 days. In this case, you'll want to tick this option:

Markdown representation

Like dates in Dynalist, recurring dates are also represented in our Dynalist flavored Markdown.

If you prefer, you can write out the Markdown manually instead of using the date picker.

Here are some examples that should help you understand how the syntax works:

Markdown Meaning
!(2018-12-21 | 2d) Every 2 days
!(2018-12-21 | 4w) Every 4 weeks on this day
!(2018-12-21 | 3w135) Every 3 weeks on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
!(2018-12-21 | 5m) Every 5 months on the same day [1]
!(2018-12-21 | 1y) Every year on the same day [2]
!(2018-12-21 | ~30d) Repeat in 30 days after completing the item

1: In this case, months that do no contain that date will be skipped.
2: "1y" is useful for birthdays and anniversaries.

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