Email to Dynalist

To send content to your Dynalist inbox via email, go to Settings - Dynalist Pro - Email to inbox to see your dedicated inbox email address:

Click "Copy email" to copy the email.

You can now email this address to send to your inbox. The email subject will be the title of the new item, whereas the body of the email will become the note.

We recommend saving this email address in your contacts, so that you can pull it out instantly when you need to capture an email.

Note: if others know this email address, they will be able to send to your inbox as well. If you're collaborating with someone, this can be convenient. But this also means if you do not want to get spammed, do not share this email address with anyone. Please be assured that even if other people have this email address, they will NOT be able to see what's in your inbox.

If you use automation tools that generate unwanted email body, you can put "[EMPTY]" anywhere in the body to avoid capturing the body as the note.

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