Add checkboxes

Web & desktop app

Add to single item

To add checkbox to an item, open the item menu and select “Add checkbox”.

You can also press Ctrl+Shift+C when focusing on an item.

Add to multiple items

If you have multiple items selected, either by dragging or shortcuts (Shift+Up/Down), you can use the same steps as "Add to single item" to add checkboxes simultaneously to all the selected items.

Add to all children

To add checkbox to all of an item's child items plus itself, open the item menu and select “Add checkbox to children”.

There's no default shortcut for this action, but you can customize it with custom shortcuts.

Mobile app

First, focus on the item you want to add checkbox to.This will bring up a sliding toolbar will appear at the bottom. You can then tap on the ☐ icon (checkbox icon) to add a checkbox.

To add checkboxes to all children items, please use the web & desktop app for now. We're really sorry for the inconvenience!

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