Move lists

Web & desktop app

There are two ways to move a list:

  1. Simply drag it by the bullet point and move it around. While dragging, you will see a grey line that indicates where the item will be dropped.
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+M (or choose "Move to..." in the item menu), and search for the destination you want to move the item too.

Method 1 is great for moving within the same screen, where as method 2 is perfect if you want to move to somewhere in another document.

Mobile app

There are two ways to move a list:

  1. Tap on the bullet point of the item and hold it until you see "Move 1 item". Then drag the item to the desired place and release to place it.
  2. Focus on the item you want to move. This will bring up a sliding toolbar will appear at the bottom. You can then tap on trolley icon to open the "Move item" prompt.
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