Upload files and images

Pro users can upload 1 GB of files each month. Each file can be at most 50 MB. You can either upload from your hard drive or from your clipboard.

Upload from your hard drive

In order to upload a file from your local disk, simply drag it to the Dynalist window.

Dynalist will display the upload progress and provide a link to the attachment, ready to be copied.

Upload from your clipboard

Most screen clipping tools will put the recording screenshot file in your clipboard. In this case, you can simply paste in Dynalist to upload the file, like how you would paste some text.

Upload from your phone

On the mobile app, you can use the following toolbar option to upload a file:

If you don't see this option, try scrolling the toolbar to the right.

The uploaded files are not attached to any specific item or document. You're given a link to the file, which you can use anywhere.

See all your uploads

To see a list of uploaded files, go to main menu - "Upload manager" (only available on web and desktop):

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