Bookmarks are shortcuts to anywhere in Dynalist. They are comparable to bookmarks you save in your browser but more powerful.

Similar to browser bookmarks, bookmarks have sensible default names when you add them, but you can give it any name you want.

Free users can create up to 5 bookmarks, whereas Dynalist Pro users can create unlimited bookmarks.

Things you can bookmark

  1. Any document;
  2. Any list;
  3. Search results within a document;
  4. Search results within a list;
  5. “Search anywhere” results.

Bookmarking documents

In the file pane, you can right click on the document title and choose “Add to bookmarks”. Alternatively, click on the ☆ icon in front of its title when a document is open.

Bookmarking lists

In the item menu, you can choose “Add to bookmarks” to bookmark it. Once you zoom into a list, there’s also a ☆ icon in front if its title that you can click on to bookmark it.

Bookmarking search results

When you’re searching, a ☆ icon will appear in front of the search bar. Click on it to bookmark the search results. The default name of the bookmark will be “Search results for search term in list title”.

Note: search results are dynamic. Bookmarking it doesn’t preserve what you see now once the content changes. If that’s what you want to do, export it instead of bookmarking it.

Bookmarking Search Everywhere results

In the Search Everywhere results page, there’s a ☆ icon in front of the page title. Click on it to bookmark the results.

Renaming bookmarks

In the bookmark pane, right click on the bookmark and choose “Rename”.


There are two ways to unbookmark something:

  1. In the bookmark pane, right click on the bookmark and choose “Delete”. A deletion confirmation popup will appear.
  2. When something is bookmarked, the ☆ icon will appear as ★. Clicking on the ★ icon will unbookmark it.
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