Import data

Import from WorkFlowly

To do so, click on the hamburger menu on the top right and choose “Import from WorkFlowy”. After entering your WorkFlowy credentials, we’ll pull the data and put them into a new document called “WorkFlowy”.

Note: Dynalist always uses secure SSL connections, and we do not store your WorkFlowy credentials.

If you think we should support directly importing other apps, please  let us know!

Importing data with OPML

Some programs are able to export OPML, which you can directly paste into a Dynalist document. Most mind mapping and outliner software support OPML.

Importing using other formats

You can also paste Word lists and plain text lists with proper indentation to Dynalist, which will work in most cases. However, because there are so many representations of Microsoft Word lists and plain text lists, we can’t guarantee it will always work.