Export list or document

If you're exporting a list, open the item menu and choose “Export…”. If you're exporting a document, right click on the document and choose “Export…”.

Formats supported

Right now Dynalist supports exporting your content into three formats: formatted (HTML), plain text, and OPML.

For those not familiar with OPML, it stands for “Outline Processor Markup Language” and is the standard XML format for outlines.

The export interface

Once you choose to export a document or a list, a popup will appear.

At the top of the popup, there’s an option called “Export visible items only”. Checking it will only show currently visible items. This will exclude hidden checked items and items filtered by search.

In the popup, there are three tabs each containing a format mentioned above. The exported data is already selected for you — simply copy it.

In the plain text format, you can choose the indentation character in front of each bullet. You have the choices of spaces, asterisks, and dashes.

In the OPML format, there’s a handy link that downloads the OPML file.

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