Use dates

Insert dates

Add a date by typing “!” after space. A date picker will pop up, allowing you to choose a date and time. After choosing them, click on the “Done” button to enter the date. You can also press  Enter.

As for time in a day, we provided a list of predefined times with half-hour increments. You can also enter your own time.

Editing a date

To editing an existing date, simply click on it to trigger the date picker. The rest of the same as adding a date, except the date is replaced rather than inserted when you click on “Done”.

Use date ranges

You can turn a date into a date range with the "Make date range" option.

After entering the date range mode, first click on the start date, and then again on the end date to select the range between them. Any further clicks will clear the existing range and start a new one.

You can remove the date range and convert it back to a plain date with "Remove date range" at any time.

Date search queries will match all date ranges that overlap with the queried range.

If you have the "Highlight overdue" setting turned on, the date range will be highlighted in red as soon as the start date passes.

Note: date ranges can only go from all day to all day, or a specific time from a specific time.

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