Search for items

Search within document or list

Above the document title on the right side, there’s a  icon. Clicking on it will activate the search bar. Typing anything in the search bar will filter results in real time. The shortcut to activate the search bar is  Ctrl+F.

Search everywhere

Sometimes you want to search across all your documents. To do this, first activate the normal search by clicking the  icon or hitting  Ctrl+F. After entering the search query, clicking on the “Search everywhere” link underneath the search bar. The shortcut for this is Ctrl+Enter while focusing in the search.

Searching for dates

To search for dates, use the  within:since:, and until: search operators. Follow the operator with time range shorthands such as 24h-2d4w, or -3mhdw, and m stand for hour, day, week, and month, respectively. Positive numbers stand for the future whereas negative numbers stand for the past.

Note:  24h is not equivalent to 1ddw, and m time ranges always end at end of the last day rather than the current time, whereas 24h means preciously 24 hours from now.

Two special values: for date results between now and end of today, use  within:0d. For date results between start of today to end of today, use within:today.

You can combine these operators with other keywords to further filter the